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We hope to reach others who have lost sons or daughters in the RIR services over the years, through circumstances which they feel are questionable, for example, bullying; assault; suicide or entrapment. Through sharing these experiences with others we hope to help or maybe prevent the isolation we felt, from happening to other families.

If you have endured similar treatment from M.O.D. and have suffered in silence, this is your opportunity to have your say. Honour your son's or daughter's memory on this website. If you have a story along with a photo you would like to share with us and also the readers of this website


Fill in the form on the left. Upload a photo from your computer (JPG please), don't worry about the size of the photo as our website will resize it to the size(s) we need. All boxes must be filled in except 'email' which is up to you. We have asked for your email so we can stay in touch and keep you informed about what is happening on the website, don't feel you have to leave it but if you do we may send you an email from time to time.

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